AETEL is the Telecommunication Electronics Society at Campus Sur UPM.

What we do

We maintain a laboratory at the Societies Hall for all the students where you can do what you please, be it class related or not. We also organise workshops for newcomers to get a hold of what being able to build your own stuff feels like or to share between students our knowledge and know-how.

What do I have to know to join the club?

Nothing. We have no formal prerequisites and have members from all Telecommunications Engineering branches (yes, even Audio & Video) as well as some Computer Science students.

However, more important than what knowledge you bring to your first meeting is your willingness to learn. As is the case in most engineering-related disciplines, it’s not about how much you know, it’s about how quickly you can learn. The more you do to independently educate yourself, the more proficient you will become.

What do I have to do to join the club?

You can begin by swinging by our lab one day to say hi. We are located at room 7023 in ETSI Sistemas de Telecomunicación UPM. After getting to know us you can fill the form and pay your due to become a full member. All students and other interested parties are welcome.

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Parece que no podemos conectar con Google Calendar, pero por lo menos puedes disfrutar de Pablo.
Robotics Team
El Equipo de Robótica de AETEL lleva más de 20 años compitiendo en torneos nacionales en diversas categorías: siguelíneas, minisumo, laberintos...
¿Te gustan los drones? El EscuaDRONE AETEL está lleno de gente como tú. Aficionados a volar aviones, helicópteros y multicópteros trabajan conjuntamente para ayudarse los unos a los otros.
3D Printing
Desde que apareció la impresión 3D al alcance de todos, en AETEL hemos fundido plástico como los que más. Actualmente en nuestro laboratorio contamos con dos impresoras 3D:
  • Prusa Mendel
  • Prusa i3 MK2S Vallecas Ed.

Este grupo de trabajo está dedicado a investigar las posibilidades e inconvenientes que ofrece el Internet de las Cosas y a fabricar cacharros útiles (o no) para la sociedad.

El sistema electrónico de control de acceso a nuestro laboratorio corre de su cuenta.

A(n) (not so) epic tale of electronic design

Sometimes I amaze myself. Even for good. The ability us engineering stundets have to image something and just do it is awesome. Last year we found ourselves organising the Sphera event[1]. The presidents of all the student groups in the school had reunited to figure out the timetables and space for the venue in the …

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Robotics Workshop 2016, publicado el 14 December, 2015 por Michael Ignatius Thomas Malloc
LightWand Kosmonaut V1. Lightpainting with Arduino taken a step further, publicado el 28 October, 2015 por PablodMM
Configure STM32F3 for Tau Labs Flying F3, publicado el por ocanen
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